College Football Week 4 Analysis

In the wake of watching school football for the majority, numerous years, there is one truth that remaining parts to turn out as expected; running the ball and halting the run will win a lot of football match-ups. Every year the best groups in the nation have a strong rush offense and an extraordinary rush guard. Saturday, four groups stood apart to me as having the option to run the ball and stop the run: Penn State, Alabama, Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Penn State played humble Sanctuary sbobet who has famously figured out how to lose no less than ten games a year reliably. Despite the fact that Sanctuary is colossally awful, it is as yet fascinating to take note of that Penn State ran for 303 yards while just surrendering 16. It will be captivating to check whether this pattern go on into Huge 11 play.

Alabama went to Fayetteville, Arkansas to play Bobby Petrinos Arkansas Razorbacks. Clearly the Razorbacks are exceptionally terrible this year, however going into a SEC rivals arena and scrambling for 328 yards while just surrendering 92 is very great. In the event that Saban can proceed with this pattern, as he did at LSU for quite a long time, Alabama will be the SEC West Winners. That being said, I would envision that the Reddish-brown and LSU protective lines will have a remark about that.

Georgia was the preseason #1 and the majority of the media felt this was the most gifted group that Richt has had in Athens. I had serious doubts at first however in the wake of seeing them fly to Tempe, Arizona and destroy Arizona State by scrambling for 176 yards while just surrendering 4, I have been persuaded! Four surging yards for the host group?!? I understand that the PAC-1 (USC) is frail this year, however could we to some extent at any point get a 5 yard gain on the ground?

At the point when Paul Johnson accepted the position at Georgia Tech, I realize that the ACC planned to change radically. I wish that NC State would have been savvy to the point of employing him a year prior to he went to Tech, however clearly that didn’t occur. The SEC is known for having strong protective lines so it was normal that Mississippi State would dial back the Paul Johnson running assault in Atlanta. Nothing could be further from reality! Georgia Tech went through the battle Sylvester Crooms like a hot blade through warm margarine. The Coats ran for 438 yards while just surrendering 108. After week one I anticipated that Tech and Wake would be in the ACC Title game and I will hold to that assertion for the rest of the time.

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